Na Wa O! See The Funny Ways Nigerians Think Nowadays



Nigerians and their respective way of thinking. I can also bet 90% of those reading who will be reading this piece are guilty of this including myself.

1. When a guy and a lady are seen discussing, they are dating,

2. If a guy tells a lady to come, he wants to woo her,

3. All old women looking unkempt are witches,

4. Anybody that is too rich has done money ritual,

5. A lady that is a Nurse had better wear her uniform when walking out the clinic before people will start thinking she went for an abortion,

6. Every politician embezzles money,

7. All wealthy men have joined the occultist group,

8. All lawyers are liars,

9. Philosophers are not Godly

10. If a pastor has plenty members in his church, he is using hand of god (Jazz),

11. If somebody is in the university, he or she is better than those in polytechnic and colleges of Education,

12. Every Musician has joined Illuminati,

13. All Traders do cheat,

14. All men are wicked or all men are the same,

15. If you don’t come to church one Sunday, you have started backsliding,

16. If you walk with confidence, you are proud,

17. If you decide to always be alone, you have evil spirit members,

18. If you always answer question in class, you are the teacher’s or lecturer’s boy/girl,

19. Every rich Muslim is an Alhaji,

20. All Ijebu’s did money ritual.

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