My Husband Has Turned Me To A Slave In Our Own Home – Ondo Woman Cries Out In Horror



A woman who is obviously fed up with certain obnoxious occurrences in her marriage has made a move to end her misery.

Mrs Grace Olorunfemi, a housewife in Ondo State, has dragged her husband to court.

The woman on Wednesday took her husband to an Akure Customary Court where she begged to have her 11-year-old marriage dissolved, claiming the union had turned her to a slave.

The News Agency of Nigeria reports that Grace submitted that continued marriage to Abiodun would be tantamount to endless servitude.

She alleged that her husband had no care for her and their two children, compelling her to engage in manual labour to fend for the family.

She said, “I prefer to be single than continue to live with Abiodun. He thought I am in his house as a slave.”

She submitted that in spite of her complaints, Abiodun failed to repent.

However, Abiodun told the court that he was not ready for divorce.

He promised to change his attitude and be a responsible husband.

The President of the court, Mr. Rotimi Olusanya, advised the respondent to turn a new leaf to save his marriage.

Olusanya also urged Grace to be patient and see if her husband would change his attitude.

He adjourned the case till Nov.17 for further hearing.


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