Miraculous: Young Boy Who Drowned And Was ‘Pronounced Dead’ Comes Back To Life (Photo)

A young boy who drowned and was even pronounced dead has reportedly come right back to life after a while.

This is Eric, a young boy who was reportedly pronounced dead after an unfortunate incident recently.
Eric however, shocked people when he came back to life.
The stunning story was told by Jared Sawyer Jr, a motivational speaker and best selling author who shared the boy\’s photo online.
According to Jared Sawyer, the boy drowned on Sunday, July 29th and was pronounced dead on the scene, only to wake up few hours later. He is now believed to be recuperating.
Jared Sawyer Jr. shared the news via Twitter as he wrote; “Meet Eric, he DROWNED YESTERDAY and was pronounced DEAD on the scene a few hours ago but he miraculously CAME BACK TO LIFE! MY GOD IS GOOD!!! #JesusIsReal #MiracleWorker #DeathIsDefeated”


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