Meet The World’s S*xiest Grand Dad Who Has Packs… (See Photos)



He has been dubbed the world’s hottest grand dad with ‘a torso capable of ripping mountains from the earth’. Wang Deshun, 80, is an actor and model but has turned into a quasi life coach, offering advice on how to defy age while still looking so sharp.

As someone who didn’t join a gym until his 50s, Deshun believes it’s never too late.

“No one can keep you from success except yourself,” he told The Times .

The grandfather hit the headlines globally recently when he strutted shirtless down a catwalk at a fashion show in Beijing, China.

Far from having a “grandad bod”, Deshun has a toned physique the envy of any man decades younger than his 80 years.

And he is in tune with social media image, often posting on social media site Weibo including dressed in black leather, according to Buzzfeed .

With a picture of himself in a dramatic martial arts pose, he wrote: “Filming a martial arts flick yesterday. I can only strike this pose. The real fighting was done by stunt doubles. I’m getting old…”

He was born in the Chinese city of Shenyang before becoming an actor in the theatre scene aged 24.

But in Beijing he became a “Beijing drifter” and joined a gym in his 50s.




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