Married Woman, Lover Stripped Unclad After Being Caught Together In Bed

A married woman who was c@ught in bed with another man has been stripped unclad with her man and paraded in public.

 The man and his married woman lover were paraded unclad
A married woman and her ex-boyfriend who is also married have been c@ught in bed together.
The pair were this morning, paraded n*ked in Amokwe village, Oduma, Enugu State, after villagers c@ught them sleeping together in the woman’s house.
Local reports show that the man left his village and journeyed down to Amokwe to sleep with his ex in her matrimonial home.
However, neighbours alerted the husband of the woman, who ended up catching the duo n*ked.
It took the intervention of people to stop the furious husband from chopping off the p*nis of his rival. They were both paraded unclad round the village.


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