Man Str!pped and Disgraced for Buying Charm to Disfigure a Girl that Refused to Sleep with Him (Photos)

A businessman has been given the disgrace of his life after he was c@ught trying to use juju to disfigure a woman who refused to sleep with him.
Obiorah Anaedum disgraced in public
A Nigerian woman by name, Onyeanemenkili Ozubulu has taken to Facebook to share photos of his brother Obiorah Anaedum and a friend who were c@ught and disgraced for trying to disfigure a woman with charm for refusing to sleep with Anaedum.

Onyeanemenkili wrote: “My post may come late cos of some reasons best known to me, I don\’t see reason why I will cover a crime like this, cos some people must surely counter my post. This guy with uncovered head here is my brother, he is the bone of contention, the other guy who he asked to accompany him to Nnobi to buy charm to disfigured a girl that refused his request to sleep with her is also my brother but I will not keep quiet, imagine what someone I called learned thinks in his heart. 

 His name is Obiorah Anaedum, he has a printing company named The Marts concept, he\’s into landing agent too. How much will it cost him to get another girl since he cannot put his manh00d in his control, I believe that the girl knows about this, so that she will go for Thanksgiving cos God saved her life from the wicked one. My friends, I believe that it\’s not a do or die affair to sleep with a particular girl. Obiorah Anaedum you\’re a disgrace to our village and our community at large. 
You\’ve tarnished your image in Ozubulu and other places you operate as a business man. May God forgive you, but you need to tell people how girls you\’ve set in that condition. Ife onye metalu.”


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