Man Reportedly Marries His Dead Fiancee At Her Funeral (Video)

A man has reportedly honoured his dead fiancee after he arranged and married her at her funeral.

The man married his dead fiancee
An unlikely wedding was held last week after a man married his fiancee at her funeral. The video was shared by
It is not clear the circumstance that led to the woman\’s death, but the man thought it wise to honour her with a wedding.
A video of the ceremony was shared online. It is not yet known the exact place where the incident happened, but the bride was embalmed and dressed in a beautiful dress as she lay in the casket.
Family and friends were present at the occasion.
Posthumous wedding
A posthumous wedding is defined as a marriage in which one of the participating members is deceased. It is legal in France and similar forms are practised in Sudan and China.
Since World War I, France has had hundreds of requests each year, of which many have been accepted.
See video below:


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