Man Disgraced Publicly After Being Caught Sleeping With Another Man’s Wife


A man who slept with a married woman was tied upside down and flogged by the woman\’s husband a day after she was lashed 100 times for adultery in an Indian village.
the unnamed man was strung up from the branch of a tree in Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh before being whipped repeatedly for the affair.


As he was being lashed, a baying crowd savagely attacked him with sticks. A day earlier, the victim\’s lover had been tied up by the wrists and whipped 100 times by her husband for eloping. Afterwards, some of the men watching s*xually assaulted and tried to r*pe her.
According to Bulandshahr police, the woman had run off with her lover in the first week of March and was staying with him at a relative\’s house.

On March 10, her husband sent a people to convince her to return home – telling her they will forget the past and start their life afresh. But when she returned, a kangaroo court of village elders was set up to decide a punishment.

A hunt was launched for the lover following a diktat from the same \’Panchayat\’ court.
His punishment was to be tied upside down from a tree and mercilessly thrashed with sticks and leather belts.
The woman was badly injured and filed a complaint against the accused after a week once she had recovered.

According to her statement, police have registered a case against her husband, an ex-village head and five village strongmen.
The man\’s wife was disgraced in public too
Police Inspector Altaf Ansari, in charge of Police Station, said: \’We have registered a case against her husband Saudan, former village head Sher Singh and his son Shravansinh and arrested them.

\’We have started a hunt for other accused. The woman has been sent to the hospital for medical examination.\’



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