Little 11-year-old Pregnant Girl Set to Become Youngest Mum in the United Kingdom

A little pregnant girl who is just 11 years is set to become the youngest mother in the United Kingdom if she gives birth next month.
A girl of 11 girl will become Britain’s youngest mum next month, Sun UK reports. The report didn’t reveal whether she will have to have a caesarean section. The girl is in the East of England, but details and the circumstances surrounding the pregnancy cannot be revealed for legal reasons.

In the past, it was revealed that local authorities worked with such mums, offering counselling sessions. Last month a previous youngest mum in Britain revealed she was expecting again. Now 23, Tressa Middleton first fell pregnant at 11 and gave birth aged 12.

Her daughter was taken into care. Tressa told how she has since turned her life around after booze and drug addictions.
She said she was now was expecting again, this time with fiancé Darren Young, 30. In 2014 another 12-year-old girl gave birth, five months younger than the age Tressa was. The father was a boy aged 13 — the lowest combined age of any British parents in history.
Tressa said: “I send her my warmest congratulations but it will be incredibly tough.
“At that age you’re so worried about what other people think at school.”
Any girl can get pregnant if they have gone through puberty, however young that may be.
In girls, puberty usually starts between the ages of eight and 11, but every girl is different. Some girls start puberty early, around the age of eight, which is called precocious puberty.
During puberty the girls periods will being, meaning their body is preparing to have a baby.
This is the main sign that a girls ovaries have developed and have been released into the womb. As soon as a girl begins her period she is able to get pregnant. The average age a girl in the UK starts her period is 12 years old.


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