List Of Things Nigerian Neighbors Share Together



If you have lived in a compound that is not inhabited by you alone,you must relate to this.

From face me I face u to banana island,Victoria island,under the bridge neighbors must always share things.

Here we roll…

This tops the list,if u lived in Nigeria or still living,there is an adage that says “The closer you are to your neighbor,the lesser you buy matches” its really that common,I remember a neighbor waking me up around 11:30 to request 5match sticks

This one is also common and annoying,it stands out alone in my list,i remember living with this guy cook that disturbed me so much,the worst is he will say please give me 1 cube of knorr maggi and when i open the knorr to bring out 1 single cube he will say ahh ahhh brother samuel remember there is love in sharing.

3•– All kinds of foodstuff
Ranging from palm and groundnut oil,pepper,crayfish,onions mehn neighbors can be tasking,1 would just wake up n start borrowing everything frm rice to oil to maggi to pepper and they are off with breakfast

This 1 sure brings problem between two neighbors and it also aids some sharp guy neighbors to get their longtime crush does it? when there is electricity overnight,u get a female neighbor pestering your house just to get a good movie for the night,the rest they say is history

I remember when i used to live with my parent,there’s this guy that will always request for drinking water and bathing water,you know nigerian parents,my mum soon found out this guy doesn’t fetch water in the house,so she lied in wait for him,when he finally came,mumcy finish this guy that day,i pitied him sha because he became the laughing stock of the compound

This is also common in my place,some neighbors request this quite often for their lamps,cooking and burning

Niggers where una deh??
niggers can package with their neighbors cloths like no mans business,they even collect jean,shirt,polo,sneakers,wristwatches, wristbangle,and many more,its common.

8•– Girlfriends/Boyfriends
this sounds abnormal but it happens,i remember 1 of my friend telling me he shares girlfriend with his neighbor,i asked him how,he said when the girl comes visiting,he takes her to the guy house over night n explains to the girl that the guy is like a brother to him that she is gonna spend the night with him because he himself cant sleep outside home cos of dad n mum,de other guy being a sharp guy kontinews from where he stopped.

As awkward as it sounds,niggers can relate to this,Condoms are shared especially when your girl is around and konji catch u for night but bae no gree except u use condom,na so u go de knock for pesin door like you are being chased by monsters.

10• feel free to add yours


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