Lady Seeks Advice On How to Dump Fruit Seller Who Sent Her To College With His Earnings

Matters of the heart are somewhat tricky but again, every question deserves an answer.
A lady took to Facebook to seek advice on how to dump her boyfriend of years who sold fruits to send her back to school after losing her parents.

What would you advice in this situation. Share your thoughts below.



  1. how will you leave him, he brought you out of shame and reproach,,,, continue with forever till death do you part… God is the best position for you…….

  2. Comment: this is time for u to appreciate all wat he has done for u, dont dump him and dont cheat on him if u want to live a happy life n u want him to live a happy life also. is stead of u to dump him stop him from dat work, open any gud business for him. always pray to God to bring joy between bot u. happiness is the best in life n in any relationship. bcus if u dump him, he will never forget till the end of his life

  3. You’re a bastard for saying that, why can’t you send him back to school also so that he will be in your level. Stupid thought


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