If You Think You Know Capitals Of African Countries Very Well [Get In Here]



With 54 countries, nine territories and two de facto independent states, Africa stands as the world’s 2nd largest, and 2nd most populated continent.

All of these territories also boast a wide range of culture, traditions and languages.

So, how well do you know African culture? Try out these simple questions and supply the answers below…..

1. Kinshasa is the capital of what country?

A. Democratic Republic of Congo

B. Ethiopia

C. Congo-Brazzaville

D. Cameroon


2. What is the capital of Sao Tome and Principe?

A. Luande

B. Yaounde

C. Monrovia

D. Sao Tome


3. Maseru is the capital of what country?

A. South Africa

B. Swaziland

C. Lesotho

D. Botswana


4. Praia is the capital of Seychelles

A. True

B. False


5. Lagos is the capital of Nigeria

A. True

B. False


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