I Took A Bible Oath With My Girlfriend To Stay Together, Now Things Have Fallen Apart – Man Cries Out For Help


Some days ago I sought help concerning my girlfriend who is a Social media freak. Especially with posting slaying pics.

We actually got over the misunderstanding and tried to move on but it was after then that the unthinkable happened. She needed to move to a new apartment and therefore wanted me to suport her in raising some money

She is aware I have some money in my account which was meant for something by next month but surprisingly she asked me to help her from the money.

I tried giving her reasons why I shouldn’t risk taking out money from the account but she refused to understand.

Recall that we stay in differnt states? So I traveled to her state so as to explain things face to face but to my surprise she refused to see me though she earlier warned me not to try coming cos she would intentionally avoid seeing me but i took the risk just to see how mean she could get.

After waiting for hours and she didn’t show up, I returned back to my state and yet I tried to fix things, but this time she said things will go her way, and she meted out some rules to me.

These rules are evidently pointing out that she wants to start touring the state with her friends. And believe me she will surely cheat.

We fell out on phone that sunday night and since then i have blocked her on my FB, whatsapp, and even deleted her number. She noticed it and sent me a text telling me that i was mean and heartless.

Since Sunday she has been calling me but cos her number is barred on true caller I only see it as missed calls. I really don’t know if she wants us to make up or she is calling for the money..

The worst is we had an oath with the bible to stay fidel with each other and sincerely I think she had kept to the oath until now and like wise have I.

Pls what do I do cos I am not ready to touch the money meant for something serious and I can’t continue with her based on the rules she gave, then lastly we are on oath.


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