HUSBAND SCARCITY!! Ladies, Are You Still Playing Hard to Get?



Still Playing Hard To Get?

Women! Women! Women!
The era of playing hard to get is over!
The era of “give me some time to think about it” is over!
The era of “can I have some time to think it through” is over!

Boyfriends (boys) are many, husbands (men) are few!

If you see any good quality 36yards by 60 damask gold husband material and you still need time to think, the witches in your village must have built their coven in your brain!

A man asked you out if you are not interested in him, be straight forward, be bold to say yes if you like him and no if you don’t!

Don’t go procrastinating!

Before you know it, his pre wedding pictures will be all over facebook! Girls are not smiling!

The country is hard and babes are looking for a way out!
If you no even wife your husband well this time around, babes go collect am!!
Heat dey so babes dey find where generator dey run 24/7!

Alright bye!

Written by Mary-Jane Chinwe Ejiofor


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