Horror!! A Large Python Crawled Into Her House And Killed The Dog Instead Of Her (See Graphic Photos)



At times we wake up only to find a surprise. However, this woman was not happy about the one she got. When she saw what happened to her dog, she got terrified! See why.

This lady had a bad day. She got up only to find her dog being strangled by a huge python.

By the time she found a poor creature, it was cold dead and half way swallowed by the monstrous snake.

However, she also has many reasons to be glad. It could be her or one of her children instead! Losing a dog is sad, but losing a person you love or your own life is tragic.

Unfortunately such hideous creatures do crawl in at times and invade the houses to do mischief.

Despite a pretty large size of the dog the snake managed to circle and strangle it. And it started swallowing its prey.

Gadgets give us a chance to share our stories with the world. This one is pretty scary, but it teaches us to be careful and thankful, too.

See more photos below:-


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