HEARTBREAKING! Speeding Driver Crashes His Overloaded Bus Killing 8 Persons (Graphic Photos)


A tragic accident has seen eight persons dead after a speeding driver crashed his overloaded bus.

A driver has crashed his overloaded vehicle killing 8 passengers instantly. According to information by Song Mudoh who shared the painful incident, the accident took place Bafoussam/Mbounda road in Cameroon.

Mudoh wrote: “Just as most of our driver don’t care about road safety anymore and just as roadside enforcement officers will allow driver to do things their way as long as there is money to oil their Palms,we are left with more death everyday

Overloaded vehicle wastes 8 lives some few hours ago along the Bafoussam – Mbounda road. The driver was said to be running at full speed before the crash.Most of those who died are youths. RIP.”


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