“He Isn’t A Boyfriend If He Can’t Give You N50k To Make Hair Monthly” – Nigerian Girl Speaks


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Is this one a Thief? I doub’t if her father can boast of N50,000 yearly self.

Guys shouldn’t let girls of nowadays put them into Unhealthy competition or make them commit crime just to make them happy!!

So this Girl took to Facebook to spit out thrash. Nigerians are currently lashing her with insults already. Trust them!!

See what she posted below:-


Whats your say on this? – Drop your comments.


  1. you papa don give ur mama 50k for feeding b4? talk less of for hair….. even if i get to give u normally, i will not do that anymore … i.e if you are my girl friend…. f*ck you f*ck all the mother f*ckers that is giving you those kind of advise. i no even know why GOD creat una sef.

  2. your papa don ever give your mama 50k for food b4? not to talk of making her hair with 50k…. f*ck you and the mother f*ckers that are encouraging you on this …. f*ck ya’ll

  3. Well it’s a matter of choice,one man food is another man poison.Kindly go and look for a Nigerian senator of Governor,I think they can afford more than 50k for making your hair.They can even take you to Dubai just to make your hair.


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