He He! You Won’t Believe What A Woman Was Caught Doing On Her First Day Working As A Househelp (Photo)



A woman who had just been employed to work as a househelp has surprised her employers with what she did on her first day.

This is the moment a woman who had just been empoyed to work as a house help was c@ught doing a most unpleasant thing.

The woman was c@ught actually washing dirty dishes right inside the toilet.

Obviously she has not been familiar with these kinds of toilets before and didn’t know one cannot possibly wash dishes there.

According to a Twiter user, Nkokhi, who shared the story, it was the house help’s first day at work.

Social media users have however put Nkokhi on blast for putting the woman on social media.

According to them, he could have just schooled her on how things are done and not put her up for the whole world to see.


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