Gobe! You Won’t Believe What Popular Singer Did To ‘Underage’ Girl (Photo)



Famous Tanzanian music star Abdul Kiba has been accused by a 19-year-old girl and student of having unprotected s*x with her and impregnating her.

The girl identified as Nasra Salum, is a form two student at Isqama Islamic Academy in Oman, says the singer asked for her contacts on Instagram and when she sent, he started chatting her and they met later on.

She narrated her experience with him saying: “He began seducing me, using all manner of sweet words on me. My aunt was fed with my uncontrollable behaviour and booked me a flight to Tanzania.”

The girl further disclosed that she stayed with her sister in Der-es-Salaam, where she struck a deal to visit Abdul at his home in Tabata. She added that, she was with him for two days and there they had unprotected s*x and afterwards the singer started ignoring her and blocked from all his social media platforms.


Few months after meeting with Abdul, she discovered she was pregnant but the singer denied impregnating her saying:

“I don’t believe she is pregnant. However, it is true that I had unprotected s*x with her for two days at my place. However, I think she is looking for fame through me. I blocked her contact after she became stubborn. It is not true that she is a student. When I met her, she told me that she is a businesswoman based in Oman. I seduced her.”

Now, who is saying the truth!


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