Funny But True… All Nigerian Students Need To See This – Do You Agree With This Proffesor?



Disclaimer:- This is just for Fun | Truth be told, This is what is happening in our Institution.

Read below:-

Lecturers in Federal University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering boarded a plane and when the plane was about to take off. The pilot said welcome on board ladies and gentlemen. May I be pleased to inform you that this plane was manufactured by your students in the university and this is its first time of flying. :) Thats a good news isn’t it? 

Immediately they heard that, everybody ran out of the plane except one professor who sat comfortably.

People were surprised and rushed to ask him why he’s still sitting. He smiled and replied there’s no need to run out because if its true that this plane was made by our students. Then with what we taught them I’m very sure that the plane will not even move


You all should be sincere, Do you think you can fit into the Industry efficiently? Science students in Nigeria, here is a question for you all.


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