Do You Know The Benefits Of Sleeping On Your Left Side? Check Them Here!



We all know how many hours we should sleep and how many hours would be enough. What maybe we don’t know is that when we sleep quantity is not the only important thing, quality also matters. It has been recently proved the position how we sleep affects our rest hours.

Recent studies demonstrated sleeping on the left side of our body improves our sleep and health. This hypothesis regarding our sleep position has its origin in the ancient and traditional medicine system from India: the Ayurveda.

This theory supports that sleeping on our left side improves digestion, back problems, and heart’s performance, according to with the distribution of our organs. Here we describe the benefits of sleeping on your left side, but in the case of some serious health conditions, you must always consult your doctor.

1. Improves digestion

Sleeping on the left side of your body is better for digestion because the influence of gravity helps the whole process. Positioning on your left side helps food wastes moving from the small intestine to the colon and also helps the stomach and pancreas to be in their natural place, which helps enzymes and gastric juices to concentrate on that side.

2. Helps the lymphatic system

The left side of the body is the dominant lymphatic side, therefore sleeping on that side contributes to filter wastes and fluids through lymph nodes.

3. Befits your heart

Sleeping in this position helps to decrease blood pressure because gravity helps circulation through aorta artery. That’s why many doctors suggest pregnant women should sleep on their left side to improve the heart performance.

4. Improves the resting of pregnant women

Among other benefits we find it helps improving circulation through fetus and kidneys. It also relieves backaches, helps the blood flow through the uterus and prevents its pressure on the liver.

5. Decreases heartburn

The Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology announced sleeping on the left side of the body, due to effects of gravity, reduces symptoms of gastro-esophageal reflux.

6. Reinforces the functioning of the spleen

The spleen is the organ in charge of destroying old blood cells, producing new ones and also forming a new blood reserve. It is part of the lymphatic system, and it provides immunity to the body.

After knowing these facts you would probably sleep tonight on your left side.


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