Do You Always Eat Red & Unprocessed Meat? Here’s What It Does to Your Body – UK-based Doctor

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While speaking during a media parley in Abuja on Tuesday, a United Kingdom and European Board certified Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Rajeev Kaushal, warned Nigerians that eating red and processed meat could increase ones risk of  getting cancer by 30 per cent.
According to PUNCH, the expert who works with the Saudi German Hospital Dubai, said more than 30 per cent of cancers are linked to obesity, adding that it was important to adopt basic lifestyle changes by eating more fruits and vegetables.
He said, “Processed meat when consumed on a long term basis can increase the risk of certain kinds of cancers like colon, lung and br*ast cancer. Red meat is known to increase incidence of colon and rectal cancers and should be avoided.”
The medical practitioner further stated that one could reduce the risk of getting cancer by avoiding tobacco completely and taking alcohol in moderation,  adding that tobaccco ‘increases the risk of various cancers such as lung cancer, br*ast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and  other diseases.’
Kausha who also explained that getting immunisation against certain diseases could prevent cancer, said,“Certain kinds of cancers are related to certain types of virus, such as Human Papiloma Virus that causes cervical cancer in women, as well as throat and anal cancer in men. Proper vaccination against these viruses should be able to reduce the chances of cancer.”
The oncologist said that another way of preventing cancer was to ensure effective diagnosis, such as the use of PET scan for detection of cancer in the system, and assessing tumour load.
He said that studies had shown that the use of green tea, pomegranate and cumin, which can be derived from turmeric spice, helps to prevent and fight cancer. He said while they are not curative in themselves, they provide support for cancer patients undergoing treatment.


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