Desperate For Marriage Or Love? Beautiful Nigerian Lady Begs For A Husband On Social Media…See What She Needs In Him

Uhm,i don\’t if her parents threatened to disown her if she does not bring her fiancee but anyways,Rachael Ugorchi is literally done being a spinster as she took to Facebook to maritally declare her DM open for any guy interested in marrying her.



She even said she is not the demanding expensive type and would not even mind shaving off her hair if that is what her suitor wants..

Her post reads;\’\’Ma niggas i have been waiting for you guys to come and do the needful, my dm has been open my inbox has been open, please na i need to get married. Am not expensive at all infact i can stop using cream bikonu am tired.

I can also shave off my hair if it pleases you, just as long as you have two hands and legs..we can also live in a batcher no fear. Am waiting abeg man an man\’\’



But really,if she was this desperate,some guys would have toasted her once,she is pretty,she could easily go back to one of them and say YES cos this post might invite a lot of unfaithful guys oo…Just my piece of advice.



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