Controversial Big Boy Who Parades Ladies While Stepping Out Gives Tip On ‘How To Make Se*x Enjoyable At Night [See]


Read the tips the club owner gave after the cut:

“How To Make SEX Enjoyable at nite 
1) Take a cold bath & get into ur bedroom.
2)Try and off d television & phones so u can feel d spirit.
3)Switch on d A.C to ventilate d room.
4)Now sit/lay on ur bed n find a good Position.
5)Wear only shorts or panties & cover ur legs to ur chest area wit a cloth or blanket.
6)Take ur Bible & read frm Genesis chapter 1-3, revelation 2 to end, After dat close ur Bible, meditate, pray & sleep… Do dat everyday bcoz Jesus is coming very soon so be serious wit ur Christian life, walk wit GOD!
Thanks for ur time, “I know I c@ught ur Attention cause I used the word “SEX” I don\’t want u to miss Heaven cos I luv u but God loves u more… Repent! Brothers n Sisters repent cos u never know wen d trumpet shall sound. 🙏 Kam biakwa😂 *come and beat me, i dey toilet* 🙊🙊”



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