CHISOS!!! You All Need To See What This Woman Gave Birth To Without Operation……Photos.

Natashia Corrigan,a woman from Australia is now making rounds on social media after she gave birth to a baby boy weighing 5 kilogram at birth.Natashia gave birth to the huge and chubby  baby Brian on the 24th of January in a birth that did not involve an epidural .

The mother of two now three posted photos of Brian on Facebook and wrote;“It’s hard to get our minds around such a whirlwind of a day,i never dreamed we’d get so much love for our BIG baby boy and family.”She also confessed she had always wanted a fat baby joining her family and she\’s finally gotten a BIG one.Natashia had been warned that she might give birth to a baby heavier than average even before she entered the labour room and she could not help but be shocked when she delivered a baby twice the weight of an average baby.Her 13 pounds,4 ounce baby could however beat the Guiness record of 22 pounds baby of Anna Bates who died 11 hours later



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