Beware Of Going To This Dangerous Area In Lagos, Most Especially Number 5



Lagos state residents have continued to bear the brunt of crime. There are areas where one has to watch his back at regular intervals, especially at night.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is seriously battling the scourge of crime in the state. He has bought vehicles and other equipment that will help in solving crime in the city.

Nevertheless, one has to still be very careful not to get c@ught up in cult clashes, bloody riots or end up a victim of hoodlums.

As the government grapples to curb crime, here are places in Lagos that have gained notoriety for violent crimes.

1. Ikorodu

Located close to the Lagoon and sharing boundary with Ogun state, this area has been a hotbed of violence in recent times. From kidnapping to riots to communal clashes, Ikorodu is the Lagos epicentre for cult activities. In June, suspected militants invaded Ilara in Ogijo, a community in the area, causing mayhem.

Anibaba and Itu Nla are notorious for fatal cult clashes and sometimes innocent residents are c@ught in the crossfire. The Igbo Olomu and Isawo areas are always invaded by militants who creep in to abduct people and demand ransom for their release.

In October, cultists stormed the area on two motorcycles and started shooting into the air to scare the citizens of the community. They attacked and killed a tailor and then proceeded to stone him.

2. Mile 2

This is a notorious spot for criminal activities. After a hard day’s work motorists plying that route have to cope with the perpetual fear of daily traffic robbery. Most people have been disposed of their valuables. The area is a breeding ground for pick – pockets and muggers who rule at night with guns and knives. There are numerous eyewitness accounts of unsuspecting motorists in traffic being robbed right inside their cars.

Six months back, operatives of the Rapid Response Squad (RRS) busted syndicates of in-traffic robbery gang.

3. Mushin

Streets in Mushin are always on red alert. This area is one of the most notorious crime areas in Lagos. The hoodlums in Mushin are not smiling at all as they attack at will. Cult groups are always at war with each other, especially at Ojelade and Oju Irin areas of Mushin.

Months back, house and about 40 vehicles were burnt in during a clash between Yorubas and Igbos in the area. Fighting happens all the time. One just has to constantly be at alert and pray you are not out when the cultists decide to unleash mayhem.

4. Mile 12 – Ketu

There have been several cases of violence and riots in this area. Two years ago, guns and ammunitions, local charms among other dangerous weapons were discovered when the Lagos State government demolished ‘Ajelogo’ market, a sub section of Mile 12. In March, there a violent clash which resulted in the deaths and the loss of properties. It took the joint efforts of the police and army to bring calm to the raging ‘war’ which lasted three days.

5. Oshodi and environs

Even with the transformation undergone, it is still a common place for street urchins fondly called ‘Area Boys’ and pick-pockets. This area is very dangerous mostly early in the morning and at night. Eight months ago, two factions of hoodlums clashed over the collection of levies in the area.

Oshodi area is notorious for all sorts of crime and one has to be on guard so as not to fall victim.

6. Bariga

Located in the heart of Lagos Mainland, precisely Somolu local government area, Bariga is one of Lagos most notorious areas for cult clashes and gangland skirmishes. Rape, kidnapping and violent cult clashes are the order of the day in the area.

Ilaje is the biggest hideouts for strong men who perpetrate all forms of atrocity. Idi-aba is popular for unannounced sporadic gunshots and a weed joint for the big boys. Unless you are interested in joining them, just mind your business when you’re passing through this area. In January, a 65-year-old woman identified as Adejoke Adefuye was burnt to death when suspected cultists struck, setting her residence on fire. The incident was a reprisal attack from one of the cult groups after a fight.

At night, hoodlums often lurk around to waylay unsuspecting women who may end being r*ped.

7. Ijora / Orile / Agege

These areas are not lagging behind among Lagos’ expanding territories of crime and violence. In February, cultists invaded the Orile Agege general hospital to interrupt the treatment of an injured member of a rival gang. Residents are said to be living in fear as they watch teenagers who are usually high on drugs commit crimes without any scruple.

8. Ajegunle

A highly populated district in Lagos, Ajegunle reputed as Nigeria’s ‘ghetto paradise’ where criminals excel alongside good people. Despite the harsh living conditions in the area, AJ city as its popularly called has produced some Nigeria’s greatest musicians.

The area is safe haven for criminals. Asides the crime perpetrated in the area, there really has not been any widely reported case of widespread violence.

9. Okokomaiko

The area is known for cultism and other related acts of violence. Shibiri, a densely populated area, is said to be a den and recruiting camp for criminals.

10. Igando

Obadore in Igando is said to have become a battleground where cult groups fight for supremacy. Some have referred to the area as the abode of wicked and evil men.

11. Third Mainland Bridge

Just pray your vehicle does not break down on the third mainland bridge at night because it won’t be a pleasant experience. Third mainland is notorious fro criminal activities lat in the night.

Are there other high crime areas you know about. We will love to hear from you.


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