Beautiful Woman Commits Suicide After Breaking Up With Her Girlfriend (Photo)

A woman who couldn\’t continue life after splitting with her girlfriend she was in a relationship with, has killed herself.

Charlotte Dunne was found dead at home in Wilton, Wiltshire, on June 10, and her mother Beverley killed herself a week later
This is the first picture of a 29-year-old woman whose mother killed herself days after her own tragic death as her father revealed she was struggling after a break-up, MailOnline can reveal today.
Charlotte Dunne took her life at home in Wilton, Wiltshire, on June 10, and her mother Beverley Dickenson was found hanged on June 17 on the Earl of Pembroke\’s Wilton Estate.
Miss Dunne was said to be distraught after splitting up with a girlfriend after a four-year relationship, a family friend has said, adding her mother \’couldn\’t live without her\’.
Mrs Dickenson was found dead by her husband David in a garage on the grounds of the 14,500-acre Wilton estate, where she worked as a gardener.
Charlotte\’s father Neil Buckley said his daughter \’was loved by everybody\’ but had been down recently because she split with her partner and the death of her beloved grandmother.
He told MailOnline: \’Four days before it happened she said she was going to get a new job and that she was trying to get on with life after her break up\’.
He added: \’There\’s something in her final hours that pushed her over the edge\’.
Speaking from his terraced home in Salisbury, Mr Buckley, 52, said: \’Charlotte was just a typical 29 year old girl.
\’It was the relationship problems that did it. She had split up with her partner. They were together four years. They were happy, but they had their bad times\’.
An inquest at Salisbury, Wiltshire, was told Charlotte died from hanging at her home in the evening on June 10 after being found by her family. She was identified by her mother Mrs Dickenson.
Beverley Dickenson\’s inquest heard she died from hanging after being found in a garage near her home by her husband at just after dawn on June 17.
Mr Buckley also revealed that police have her phone to piece together what drove her to kill herself.
He said: \’Charlotte came round here on June 6, four days before what happened.
\’She would tell me all her problems, she said she was going to get a new job and that she was trying to get on with life after her break up.
\’Charlotte said she was not going back to her ex, but I don\’t know what happened after that.
\’The death of my mother really affected her, she missed her nan immensely. We went and put some flowers on her grave when she came here on June 6, because it was the anniversary of her death.
\’She went out on the Friday with her friends and in all the photos I have seen she was smiling and happy.
\’Then, that was it. Her brother Joe found her, which left him distraught. He got a call from Charlotte\’s friend because she couldn\’t get hold of her.
\’Charlotte could sleep all day if she wanted, but Joe went round and found her dead\’. 
He said: \’I don\’t really know much about what happened. She came here to sort some stuff and she seemed alright. But I don\’t know and don\’t want to say too much about that.\’ 
Miss Dunne\’s brother, Joe, told the Times: \’Believe me, you can never tell when someone is going to do it. My sister was fine, so was my mum. There was nothing to be aware about.\’   
Book binder Richard Thick, 55, who had a relationship with Beverley before her second marriage, also remained close to Charlotte, who lived with him for several years after he broke up with her mother.
He said: \’We are all a bit shocked. She [Beverley] left me eight years ago to go to David. We had grown apart – Charlotte had stayed here since\’.
He said Charlotte was distraught after a four year relationship with a girlfriend from Hampshire ended suddenly.
\’She had a bust up. She was distraught – she was down,\’ he said.
\’They (Charlotte and her girlfriend) had had an argument and fell out. Everyone has bust ups in relationships.
\’Her brother Joe found her – I was away on holiday\’.
He added: \’Beverley identified her at the hospital the day after. Presumably she could not live [without her daughter]\’.
The small community of Wilton have been shaken by the deaths.
Mayor Peter Edge said: \’As a town we feel extremely sad at what has happened.
\’She (Beverley) has obviously been devastated (by her daughter\’s death) and decided to take her own life. It is an extremely sad situation\’.  
The Rector of the ancient town has said it is \’heartbreaking\’.
He said: \’We are mourning them both. This is heartbreaking – it is terribly sad. I will certainly be saying prayers for them\’. 
Charlotte\’s bereft friends have raised more than £5,000 towards her funeral.
Samantha Stephens, who set up the fundraiser with an original goal of £3,000, said: \’Charlotte was caring, kind, funny and beautiful and I know that we will all miss her deeply.
It is so important now to cherish the wonderful memories we shared with her, and to remember that this isn\’t goodbye forever.\’
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