Apostle Suleman is simply blackmailed?! These 3 PHOTOS may prove it

Apostle Suleman of the Omega Fire Ministry (OFM) has been at the eye of a scandalous storm since Stephanie Otobo aired intimate details of his alleged illicit affairs with her.
Many have entertained the possibility that he is being blackmailed, while some say he is guilty of extramarital affairs with the lady in question.
Apostle Suleman - "I didn’t promise Stephanie Otobo marriage, she’s a blackmailer"
One Facebook user named Debola Akingbade however says she has evidence that Apostle Suleman is being blackmailed.
According to Akingbade the bre@.$ts in the pictures shared of the video chat by Stephanie are quite different from the size of Stephanie’s bre@.$ts.
Below is the Facebook post she made:
“Before you crucify Apostle Suleman, ask yourself some questions:
“Even though we are not that of age, we have had privilege to have examined some bre@.$ts of various shapes and sizes before I finally met Christ and accept him as my Lord and Savior
“Can somebody tell me the similarity in this lady’s bre@.$ts as presented in the images below?
“In fairness to ourselves:
“Image 1 reveals the true nature of the lady without any artificial make up, her bre@.$ts size, height and body size were all displayed naturally as they are
“Image 2 revealed the padded bre@.$ts and padded skin color due to series of make up items. Take notice of the size of the padded bre@.$ts and come to image 3

“Image 3 revealed compete deviation from what were observed from image 1 and 2…any good observer will ask where the bre@.$t size suddenly come from.

Before you join them preempt what you don’t know, try and ask yourself some questions

“I have been a victim of such blackmail in many occasions but God normally speak for me.”
Here are the pictures she shared:
Stephanie Otobo
Meanwhile, following the scandal surrounding Suleman, and the lady who claims to have been romantically linked with him, his wife has spoken out.
Mrs Lizzy Johnson who received a school from her husband during her birthday celebration recently, defended her husband, saying she was so sure that he was not involved in all he was being accused of.
Watch a video showing Nigerians and how they view religion:


  1. You are very wrong in your analysis.

    Ladies can put anything to boost their breast levels.

    The lady know the guy. It is not blackmail.

    Let us carefully examine what she said. There are elements of truth.

    Let us not cover the evil of the evil doers.

    Time will tell as we wait the outcome of police investigation.


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