Advice Me! I Was A Prost*tute Before, I Am Afraid My Boyfriend Will Find Out And Dump Me



She’s scared that her new man won’t marry her if he gets to find out the truth about her dirty past…

Read what she sent to us:-

I am a girl with a bad past. I was a prost*tute for two years just to be able to pay my bills. I had no choice at all. I tried looking for a job but found nothing and I was to be kicked onto the streets by landlord.

My elder brother’s friend said he would pay to have me in his bed. Out of desperation, I asked how much and eventually I slept with him. That was how my problem started.

Somehow, my brother found out after a while and he has since cut me off his life.

My problem now is that I have met this really wonderful guy and he knows nothing about my past. If I tell him he would leave me for sure.

I want to be loved. I’m scared if I don’t tell him someone else will. I don’t want to lie and I don’t want to lose him. I feel like he is the one for me. How can I tell him this and still keep him to love me?

From – A Worried Lady.

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