9 Things People Living In Lagos Can Relate To


Lagos state is no doubt the commercial power house state of Nigeria (I stand corrected) ..So if you’ve lived in lagos before or you are still living lagos then yuu must have noticed these 10 things about Lagos city.


1.Traffic: do I need to talk? An average lagosian spend a quarter of their day in traffic situations..it can be terrible Specially on Mondays …ocry

2.Area boys:The ubiquitous street urchins can sure make life difficult for lagosians when they start trouble..The recent Mile 12 clash is example

3.Expensive rent: Lagos Rents should be among the Highest in the world.The exorbitant rent is the Reason for proliferation to slums in the city

4.Road Rage: In Lagos every driver is Mad,Yes..The stress and wahala is too much everyone vents their anger on the steering wheels and gas pedal… Even vin diseal and his crew of fast n furious cannot survive 5 mins in lagos road no kidding…

5.Annoying beggars: These beggars have no chill..there’s one man around anyike bridge tat his “son” is in the hospital and needs immediate help to buy some expensive drugs..I felt pity for the man until I kept seeing him everyday I come dey wonder the pikin never die since undecided ….

Other beggars will follow you until you budge n give them ‘something’ ..the ones wey dey always need N50 for transport nko??

6.Exciting Night life: Yes o…There’s no dulling in Lagos city…You can get just about anything you need in the night as much as you can in daytime.

7.Lagos police: Although Governor Ambode is ‘Tushing’ them up some of them are still very corrupt and have no regard for civilian life,I was pushed of a moving Bike by some police men because they wanted to catch the bike man,because he was operating ‘at illegal hours’ it was few minutes to 10pm. Then cry

8.Pickpockets and traffic robbers: Ts sad these hoodlums cannot channel their skills into something legal in the society…If you are ‘sharp’ You can never fall victim to these pickpocket ers…as for the Traffic robbers..

9.Too many Gwagons and RangeRovers in Lekki/Ajah area :I just had to add these.

10. Generator Noise: Everybody has a Generator in Lagos!

Pray that Nepa shouldn’t take the light at any time of the day, else it will be noise pollution all day long!!

Feel free to add yours below…


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