7 Times Yusuf Buhari Could Have Snatched Your Girlfriend



Yusuf Buhari is the only son of President Buhari. He became one of the most eligible bachelors in Nigeria the moment his dad mounted the presidential seat.

The dangerously handsome young man has a lot of girls wanting to be called his “mrs” and this interest is shown all over social media with some girls even taking his last name(without proper procedure of course), the gesture shows how much this first son is winning the hearts of the ladies.

1.When he showed his mallam swag

There is just something really s*xy about fulani/hausa men and Yusuf is no exception.

2. When he showed his alhaji swag

In his babariga, he is a s*xy, cultural man. The swag, his walk, the way he handles that black bag he is carrying; this miust be why girls are going crazy over him.

3. When he showed nigerians he is a gentleman

Every girl loves a gentleman. See how he walks with his sister arm in arm. Ring the alarm for the perfect balance of handsomeness and good character.

4. Giving them girls shivers with his fine self

Yusuf, by every rule book is a handsome man and not just because of his symmetric features.

5. Masculine

Masculinity is s*xy and everything about Yusuf screams masculine.

6. With the papa

He has shown he his a responsible young man and for that reason girls love him.

7. Slight smile

Even his smile sends signals.


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