5 Throwback Pictures Of Bobrisky That Prove Money Is Good


Throwback Pictures Of Bobrisky – Yes, we all know that he toned his skin, but let’s face facts; just toning will not make you transform from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan the way Idris Okuneye, better known as Bobrisky has.

Check out four pictures of him before he met ‘bae’ and compare them to pictures of him now.

Checkout Some Throwback Pictures Of Bobrisky Below

1. When he had not bought AC and was still managing his only pair of sunglasses

2. When he was not yet bold enough to embrace his inner Bobrisky without having to disguise himself


. Chai. Who would believe this is the Bobrisky we know today? Pure water inside his dress?!

And some experiments were off the mark

4. He was still humble

5. Posing inside his neighbour’s car



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