5 Things Nigerians HATE About Raining Season



The Harmattan season has come and gone and it was great, now the heat is here and Nigerians aren’t finding it funny. After the heat comes the rains.

The feeling during raining season for Nigerians is more like mixed feelings. From messy environments owing to bad roads and bad drainage systems to getting stuck in traffic on a raining week day, most Nigerians have many reasons to wish the rains away.

Naijaloaded has put together some other reasons why many Nigerians dread raining season…

See below:-


Malaria: The Nigerian environment encourages mosquitos to breed. This is all thanks to stagnant waters in gutters or drains. These get even more common during raining season. The aftermath of a prevalence of mosquito is malaria which you get after being bitten by mosquito.


Markets: Sellers usually record lesser sales because their potential customers couldn’t make it to the market because of rain. This means sellers find it a whole lot more difficult to meet their financial obligations.”


Flood: During raining seasons, rivers over flow their banks and the result of that is flood. People who leave in riverine areas are always apprehensive, when the rains are about to come.


Drying clothes: This may sound like a trivial matter but anyone who has ever dried their clothes for a whole week wouldn’t think it. It takes a whole lot longer for clothes to dry during raining season because the weather is always cool and almost never hot.


Event: People getting married or having any other ceremony during raining season commission men of God to pray against rain on their selected date. These especially apply to the lot who cannot afford event centres and have to resort to open fields.

Over to you..

What do you hate most about the Rainy season? – Drop your Comments.


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