5 profitable businesses you can start with just N5,000 in Nigeria – #2 can make you a millionaire in a year if you do it right


Business to start with 5000: Ignorance I will say is one of the

killer factor that is eating deep into the success of most people today. There are thousands of businesses out there that one can start with absolutely little or no capital involved. I know you will ask me how ? Don’t be surprised if I say most people should have made it sky high by now but they have not been able to due to ignorance of somethings. You might have at one point or the other had some certain amount of money at hand but confused on what type of business to go into.

Most people have been nurturing a business for more than a year and still yet to start due to capital. Hello, there are businesses you can start with that little money. Those businesses are waiting for you to come up to them. In this article, I will be discuss 5 solid business you can start with just 5,000 naira only. The money might seem small but I bet you, its changing life out there. I don’t want to assure you that everybody will get a breakthrough with this. This is because many people will say ” I have read this many times” and that is why they can’t improve. People that are experimenting are making money but talkers are stagnant. Let’s get started.

1. Start A Bulk Sms Business

I wish I had discovered the goodies loaded in starting a bulk sms business earlier than this. Bulk sms business is one of the fast growing private businesses people are getting into these days. Bulk sms business is a type of business where you get to help organizations or corporate bodies to forward messages to a large number of people.


As popular as bulks sms is, I can categorically tell you that there are lots of schools, churches, organizations that don’t know about it. Some that even know about it don’t want to go through the stress. It is not necessary you have your own site, all you need to do is register with some ready made bulk sms sites and use there platform.


A lot of them are out there, you can check them out on google but I can suggest www.oseasms.com. When you register with this site, load your account and get your unit. After this, you can begin to approach organizations, churches and schools. Tell them what you do. Give them every reason to buy your idea. You can even contact me to draft you a smart and convincing proposal. You can also make money from bulk sms marketing. Tell schools, blog owners and various business owners that you can market them. All you need do is get lots of number and do what you can do.

2. Start A Blogging Business : Yes, its blogging again. Blogging is giving money to those who knows how to play their cards well. You can start a blog with 5000naira only. In fact, I can get you a simple blog hosted under blogger in less than 48 hours with 5000naira. All you need to do is get a good niche. Look for something nice you can write about. If you are a student, you can create a blog for your school and run it. I once mentored a boy who now owns www.fuoyeinfo.blogspot.com, you can own unilaggist.com, futonews.com, Uivibes.com.

And you will start carrying threading news in your school and from there you are making it. sell advert space for department, faculty, people etc.

3. Start A Liquid Soap/ Air Freshener Making Business

: Who says liquid soap business is not bringing money. Let me tell you, branding and packaging makes the difference. Your can get nice containers, go to barbing saloons and get their head spray container. Get a graphic designer to do you an attractive label, get your liquid soap done and market it. Take it to shops around you, negotiate price and commission. With time people will start calling you by the name of your product and that how wealth and fame is created. Same with air freshener.

4. Start Cloth Branding and Revamping :

I don’t know if you have ever came about a customized cloth and you are forced to fall in love with it. Now, somebody made it. You can start customizing clothes, you can even make them. You can make a sample with you 5K capital and take it to maybe schools, or organization. If they fall in love with your work, the can request for more. Revamping is also onething but here I will be dealing with the cloth aspect. You can turn ready made shoes to ankara shoes. Sight a tailor around you, tell here to market you to her customers. That means when people want to sew ankara or any type of cloth, she will ask them if they wanted a shoe for it, so if they are interested, you either ask them to bring a shoe or you buy for them. Then you cut and gum the clothing material neatly on the shoe. Guys you can do this also.

5, Start ID Card Making Business : ID card business is presently killing it now. Forget camera, you can always borrow from that your photographer friend. All you need is get the job, learn to handle a camera for passport. Get a printing upfront, produce your ID card, deliver and get paid.


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