10 Ways Sinners Celebrate Easter



The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus which signifies the payment for the penalty of our sins, thus, purchasing for all who believe in him, eternal life in Christ Jesus.

Easter period, which is supposed to be a time when Christians truly celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, rather, they they engage in all sort of immoral acts such as scamming, womanizing, partying, clubbing and with the notion that they are celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ

Without wasting time, below are the ways sinners celebrate Easter.

1. Guys patronize Prost*tutes

It’s very pathetic that during Easter period, some youths will save up their hard earned money and will squander it on prost*tutes with the notion that they are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. In as much as I don’t patronise these people, at least, I have friends who indulge in this silly and shameful act

2. They Drink Beer and smoke Indian hemp as merriment

This is the time when beer palour normally record a large number of patronizers. You see various sinners devouring turkey with their left hands with turkey on their right hands at pepper soup joint.

3. Runs Girls Rendezvous at ex*tic places with Rich Men

During this period, the demand for runs girls is usually on the increase, therefore, you will see them hovering at hotels, parties and shows just to attract interested and the best of chairmen.

4. Guys Invite their Girlfriends for s*x

This is how an average Nigerian guy celebrates Easter. They will invite their girlfriends for marathon s*x. Some guys will use v*agra prior to her arrival and by the time the lady refused to show up they will resort to masturb*ting so as to relief their er*cted joystick.

5. They go to club house

Another way sinners celebrate Easter is that they go to club, drink and dance their lives out from dusk till dawn

6. Thugs/Policemen create road blocks to collect money from car Owners

This is usually common with thugs as well as policemen. You will see them barricade the roads and will not give way to vehicles unless they are being paid their Easter entitlement.

7. Ladies Scam Guys For Money

Another way greedy ladies celebrate Easter is that they hide under the canopy of Easter celebration scamming men for money. Some are even ready to offer their kitty-cats as compensation

8. Fake Pastors Rob their members of their Tithes and Offering

Fake pastors also celebrate Easter by scamming gullible church members, using Bible verses to scare them to sow into the church for the resurrection of Jesus after which they will load the money into their pockets and will be riding exotic cars. May God arrest these people using Jesus to scam

9. They celebrate their girlfriends instead of Jesus Christ

Instead of them to upload the pictures of Jesus Christ, they will upload the pictures of their girlfriends adoring and heaping praises on her

10. Guys Womanize on social media

I used to be guilty of this act before I gave my life to Jesus. During the period of Easter guys are usually found on social media e.g, Facebook, twitter and the likes, hunt for ladies to celebrate Easter with.

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