See The 8 Common Habits That Are Unhealthy For Your Eyes



The Human eye is one of the most amazing organ in the human body. It is also a complex one just like the brain and sure needs constant care to remain at optimal ability.


The truth is 80 percent of vision related problems can be either cured or prevented. Here in this post we are going to be talking about how we can be preventing some eye related problems.

It us important we keep our two peepers healthy and here are some unhealthy things you might have been doing which can be affecting your eyes negatively.


1. Reading with low light

Our eyes are so sensitive to light and sure need light to function well. Reading in low light is just you straining your eyes.

2. Not seeing a professional for help

When we discover any problem with our eyes most of us ignore it or use self medication. This is bad

3. Rubbing your eyes

The make up of our eyes doesn’t support this, though a lot of us engage in it from time to time. Rubbing your eyes can lead to infection.

4. Smoking


Am sure you are not shocked to see smoking making this list. We have previously spoken about reasons you should quit smoking . And if you love your eyes, you need to quit it now.

5. Swimming without googles


This can lead to a lot of eye related problems, from irritation to partial blindness the dangers are there.

6. Wearing cheap eye makeup

This is for the ladies, we know you love to wear a cool makeup but cheap or expired eye makeup can affect your eyes and eyelashes negatively

7. Keeping contact lens for too long


Every eye care professional around knows that using contacts in the wrong way can damage your eyes.

8. Exposing your eyes to sunlight


Wearing protective shades and face caps might be good to protect your eyes.

That would be all for now.




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