See The 6 Ways Phone Addiction Will Tamper With Your Health



Technological advancement is no doubt one of the most beautiful things that has happened to this generation.

The use of smartphones and electronic gadgets have taken over the society. Youths particularly cannot do without holding their smartphones every little chance they have.


Apart from the dangers of receiving calls when the phone is charging, there are numerous risks youths expose themselves to with the use of these gadgets.

Youths spend more time pressing their phones and chatting; this has taken over the physical engagement most elders crave for. The addictive use of smartphones by the youths has detrimental effects on their health.


The same way drug users get high with the use of stimulants, smartphones also stimulate the release of some chemicals in the brain.

See some of the damages that could be caused by the addictive use of smartphones:

1. Inadequate sleep

Due to the fact that most youths want to chat and remain active on the social media, they deprive themselves of sleeping.

Most of them end up sleeping with the phones in their hands or on their beds. This is not a healthy habit as some of these phones overheat and explode.


2. Danger to eyesight

Intense use of smartphones can damage your eyesight by destroying the retina. Macular degeneration is caused by the damage to the retina.

Central vision is affected by the direct exposure to the light that comes from the screens of these phones. To protect your eyes from being damaged by the light from the screen, you should avoid staring at the screen for a long time.

3. Ear damage

Many of the youths who use smartphones are addicted to the use of ear piece and headphones. They enjoy listening to loud music without considering the implication of having their ear drums damaged.

The chemical signals that are often transmitted through nerves to the brain can get destroyed when the volume of music is set to the highest.


4. Dissociation

Youths who are addicted to the use of their smartphones can become socially inactive. The more they use their phones, the more isolated they become.

They would rather pay every attention to their phones rather than chatting with those who are physically present.

This separates them from people that love them and eventually make them become lonely. In extreme cases, some people have lost their lives because they could not focus on crossing the road without texting.


5. Depression

As a result of the love youths have for their phones, they become sick when their batteries die. Their happiness is linked to the functionality of their phones at that particular time.

Some youths become unnecessarily worried when they do not receive messages from their friends online.

The fact that they depend on their phones 24/7 make them miss out on major events and experiences. Their mental health is affected when they become addicted to their smartphones.


6. Damage to the nerves

Some of the effects of being addicted to phones are usually long term effects. Also, some of these effects may not be seen at once.

Occipital neuralgia is a neurological condition that has to do with the inflammation of the nerves that run from the spinal cord to the scalp.

Intense use of smartphones can put you at risk of having this health condition. Some of the prevailing symptoms include severe headache or migraine.



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