See the 5 Things You Should Never, Ever Do During Your Period (Must read for Ladies)



Every woman gets too emotional during her period, and men do not miss their chance to complain. When you are having your period you often have problems with cramps and hormonal issues, even getting out of bed can sometimes be a real struggle.

Due to these mood changes and cramps, there are certain things you need to avoid doing while you are on your period. Here in this article we will present you a list of things you should never do, while you are on your period.



If you are in your kitchen and cooking while you are on your period, you run the risk of hurting somebody. Now, you will probably wonder how. The answer is simple, if you are cooking you are most likely to have a knife near you. Now tell us, what if you have one of those emotional attacks while having a knife in your hand? You can easily hurt yourself or someone else. Therefore cooking is one of the things you should never do while you are on your period. Simply stay out of the kitchen.



The reason why you should avoid using your phone is simple, you may end up calling your ex. This is a very emotional time of the month for you, you are most likely having mood changes all the time, you may feel alone and in these moments you are probably going to make the worst mistake of your life, that is calling your ex. And you are not going to stop there. You will want to get back together with him and if he rejects you, you will curse him for no reason. Therefore in this emotional time of the month it is the best for you to keep your phone away.


First thing you need to remember is that you are not fat, you are just bloated because of the period. As soon as your period is over, you will be s*xy once again. What we are trying to say is that you do not need to exercise and risk ruining your new workout clothes. This way you will save yourself the trouble of putting your workout clothes through the wash until the stains come out.


Romantic comedies are not the best choice while you are on your period, especially if you are single. If you are in a relationship you should also avoid watching this kind of movie, because you may even miss being single. Therefore while you are on your period do not watch romantic comedies. The most important thing for you is to remember that people in movies and TV shows are just acting.Their screen life might be perfect, but it’s just a show, the reality can be totally opposite.



You should not believe all the clichés you hear. Just because you are on your period, it does not mean that you have to stuff yourself with chocolate. Eating chocolate is not going to make you feel any better. Therefore you can eat a few candy bars, but remember not to go crazy, because at the end you will only be angry at yourself.



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