See how to remove Dark Spots Using Potatoes pods in these simple steps { Must See}



There is no denying that dark spots are a menace. All we want is to look good with flawless skin and dark spots just aren’t having it.

Like, what did we do to deserve this? Is it a crime to want to be fine?


Anyway, we have the straw that will finally break this camel back – potatoes!


Removing Dark Spots With Potatoes Is Super Easy With This Method!

We know, we know – “these people have come again with their promises!” But is it a promise if it really works. No, seriously it does!


Here’s how: Potatoes contain natural enzymes, starch and vitamin C. And if we all know anything about vitamin C, it’s that its skin brightening ability is no joke. The potato juice acts as a gentle and natural exfoliant that hates dead skin and dark spots. Wouldn’t you like to have it in your corner?

Removing Dark Spots With Potatoes Is Super Easy With This Method!


So how can you be on your way to removing dark spots with potatoes? Here’s how!

What you’ll need:
2 Irish potatoes (already peeled)
A bowl
A grate
A cheesecloth or sieve (or any cloth you can use a sieve)
A cotton ball
Removing Dark Spots With Potatoes Is Super Easy With This Method!
(Photo: ZUMI Collage)
Follow these steps:


1: Take the peeled potatoes and grate them into a bowl.
2: Put all the shavings in a cheesecloth/sieve and squeeze out the potato juice into the bowl.
3: Take the cotton ball and dab in the potato juice.


4: Massage the juice into the problem areas and leave on for about 20 minutes.
5: Rinse off with room temperature water.


Watch Tomi from Tomi’s Colour Pavilion show you how she does it!


You can repeat this process until you start seeing results. However, if you want that extra boost, add some lemon juice and honey. lemon juice is great for brightening blemishes and honey is an amazingly rich moisturizer. By adding 1 teaspoon each to your potato juice, you’re really setting your skin up for some amazing results.

Removing dark spots with potatoes is just one way to go about it. If you’d prefer a hardcore routine, we might have the solution for you.



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