Revealed: 5 Reason Why Early Morning S.e,x Is Beneficial To Your Health




You all know s*x is a one of the best cardio workouts and do you know what’s better? Morning s*x! In the morning.

when you wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep, make use the energy to pull your partner close and have an exciting time between the sheets.


It will be quite different from the s*x you have at night. Morning s*x will leave you happier and ready to conquer the world.

There are many health benefits of indulging in some morning s*x. Read on to know more about it.

1. Makes you alert

After a great morning s*x, your brain becomes active and you will become more alert. After eight hours of sleep, love making will rejuvenate you and make your brain nerves active.


2. Improves immunity

Having morning s*x will improve immunity by increasing the creation of IgA, an antibody that fights infection. The level of IgA was found to be higher in those who had s*x two to three times a week.

3. Makes you more positive

The post-coital glow will stay the entire day and you stay positive not matter what happened during the rest of the day. Having an orgasm in the morning will boost your mood and you will stay happy.


4. Ward off pain

If you have headache, have s*x instead of avoiding. By having an active session in the morning, you will not have to worry about migraine and other pain. It is also helpful in easing arthritis.


5. Improves blood circulation

Morning s*x will improve the circulation of blood in your body and lower blood pressure. In women, orgasm triggers release of Oxycontin hormone, which lowers the blood pressure.




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