Must See!! See The Mistakes You Must Avoid If You Have ‘Urinary Tract Infection’ (UTI)



“Urinary tract infection (UTI) can lead to symptoms like frequent urination, pelvic pain and more. However, certain activities can worsen the symptoms”.

According to studies, if have UTI there are some mistakes you must avoid in order to allow it heal totally.


Not enough drinking water: “Frequent urination may put you off from gulping down a glass of water but depriving your body of water can make the bacteria fester in the bladder”. Taking enough water regularly and urinating will help clean the walls of the urinary tract fast.

Holding in your pee: “The UTI will make you feel the urge to pee more often, and it’s best to listen to your body, if you hold it in this will make the recovery longer and set you up for some more health issues”. You could be hurting yourself by holding in your pee and setting up your urinary tract for major issues. “When you retain your urine, you also hold on to all the germs that are floating in your bladder”.


Self-medication: Symptoms of urinary tract infection can increase by trying to treat it on your own and it will only allow the infection to spread more. “Waiting too long to start the treatment can progress from a bladder infection to an acute kidney infection”.

Stopping the antibiotics: You may surely get relief after taking some doses of antibiotic but if you stop the treatment without completing your dose, you will only be building the bacteria’s defences against the antibiotic thereby rendering it useless.


S3xual activity: It is better to stay from any s3xual activity when you are suffering from a UTI infection, s3xual activities can push the bacteria from the vag!na to the bladder causing a new disease so it is best to allow the inflammation heal and wait before you indulge in s3xual activity.

Stay away from alcohol and coffee: “It is recommended that you cut back completely on coffee and alcohol intake, along with fizzy drinks, acidic fruits, spicy foods and artificial sweeteners”. Alcohol and coffee can be an irritant to UTI, just like putting salt on a wound.



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