Must Read: Top Four Unhealthy Habits That Depress Your Và.gina


Ever heard of vulvodynia? It’s a condition that causes chronic pain, rawness or irritation that comes and goes, burning and sensitivity in the vulva – that outer part of the v*gina.

Gynaecologists say many things can be responsible for vulvodynia, otherwise known as v*gina depression. They are as follow…


1. Washing with too much soap: Any type of soap, however gentle, can be irritating to the labia, says a Clinical Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Mary Jane Minkin.

“The less (soap) you use, the better. Once a day or after a gym session, work up a small lather from a soap made with no dyes or fragrances, which can itch or burn,” says Minkin.


2. Getting a tattoo on or near v*gina: Tempted to get a tattoo below the belt? Consider how it might affect your v*gina. Having a tattoo done anywhere on your anatomy can trigger redness and inflammation, but your v*ginal area has the most sensitive skin of your entire body, says Minkin.

So, you’re practically asking for a rash and itchy irritation. Even the cheap dye from a temporary tattoo can have the same effect, she says. So, get body art on your ankle, arm, or back instead.


3. Lubricating it with baby oil: So, you’re ready for s*x, and to get things going quick, you rub on some baby oil or another petroleum jelly product. Hmmm! Your v*gina isn’t going to be happy.

Oil-based lubricants are thicker and don’t wash out very easily, so they can get stuck in your v*ginal canal and eventually trap bacteria along with it, resulting in infection, says Minkin. Stick with silicone- or water-based lube instead. Because they wash out easily, they make your v*gina smile.


4. Not taking off your gym clothes after a workout: As you lounge around in your sweaty gym pants, bacteria are breeding like crazy, thanks to all that perspiration your below-the-belt region produces (your v*ginal area is packed with sweat glands, you know).

If bacteria get into your v*ginal canal, they can upset the balance of the microbes that normally live there and cause a yeast infection, says Minkin.


Change out of your sweaty, stinky gear as soon as you can, and take a quick shower to wash away the sweat that allows infection-causing bugs to thrive.


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