How The Internet Helped Restore My Baby’s Health – Man Shares His Experience




Don’t ever doubt the Power of Intermet & Google.. Its dangerous if you do.

A Nigerian sent this Mail to Us days ago on How the Internet helped Restore his baby health for Free, You can also, Its Free and Interesting.

Read his Encounter below:-

Fellow Cliqloadites,

With great joy in my heart I give this brief account of how the internet helped restore my baby’s health and prevented possible long-term complications. My lovely eight-month old baby suddenly began having seizures few days ago. It was so severe that it worried me and her mum so much that we though it was a spiritual attack. She would suddenly stiffen her neck and shake with great energy (seemingly unconscious), and then return to normal mode in less than a minute.


It happened like 3-5 times every 15minutes. Everytime it occurred, we felt like weeping as the ever lovely baby seemed to have been strangely hijacked. We rushed to the hospital and some blood tests were recommended. On seeing the results, the Doctors quickly knew it was a brain infection coupled with Malaria. Although some of them were worried that all other symptoms of Malaria and infection were absent in the baby – no high temperature, no yellow eyes, baby actively playing and s*cking. The doctors immediately commenced treatment with strong antibiotics passed directly into her bloodstream antimalarial drugs. Twice daily she was receiving the medications but on the third day, they got more worried that there was no improvement.

My wife was drastically losing her joy while everyone else was praying. On the evening of that third day, my wife picked her phone and began an extensive research on for possible causes of such condition. She stumbled on a research paper that presented the Negative Effects of Soybean in Babies. This paper c@ught her attention because two days before the seizures began, she introduced Soybean into our baby’s food formula (on a Doctor’s recommendation). The article stated that Soybean inhibits the production of Trypsin which is very essential for infants and also triggers irregular impulse in the brain neurotransmitters thereby causing frequent seizures which, after a long period, could render the child epileptic. The paper added that the inhibition of Trypsin could lower the immune system (which could make doctors believe it to be an infection).

We immediately stopped feeding the baby with the formula but we didn’t notify anyone of the finding to allow a continued treatment. By the following day, the seizures started fading and in just two days, it went away completely. We are still in awe with this discovery while we are very glad that the baby is back to normal life, but I felt – this might help someone someday.


Don’t dull yourself Cliqloadites, Internet has helped a lot of people…. Even in the political sector, campaigns are now online… In the education sector, learning is online…

I’m really happy for you! God bless you all!

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