Get Bigger Hips In Just Weeks With These Simple Exercises (Must See)


There are few things as amazing as looking like a goddess and making eyes turn while you move,

getting bigger hips is a sure way to make that happen. Lucky for us, there are some exercises that can give you bigger hips even if you aren’t naturally blessed with them.
Do these exercises to get bigger hips in just weeks:


Side Leg Kicks

This exercise strengthens and builds up the muscles of the hips to make them look larger. Side leg kicks wont decrease hip fat, so it builds up the muscles of the hips and makes it look larger. It also works your thighs and abdomen.


Rowing Fire Hydrants

The rowing fire hydrant targets the outer butt, core and hips and makes them look wider and perkier. It’s like a butt lift without the doctors office. It has the added benefit of activating your abdominal muscles and correcting your posture.


Side Jump Squats

The hail Mary of butt and hip exercises. If you can dip your thighs lower than the average 90 degrees while doing your squats your can engage your buttocks, core, back and thigh muscles more effectively. This exercise also builds your stamina too.


Inward Leg Lifts

This strengthens your inner thigh muscles and tones your legs while strengthening your abdominal and core muscles. It also helps open up your hips and gives you balance as your hips get wider. It’s a must do if you want hips like a goddess.

All these exercises do not only work to give you bigger hips but also helps to define your abdomen and strengthen your core muscles too


If you want bigger butt to go with those wider hips try these exercises


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