BeCareful: ‘Suya, Isi-Ewu, Kilishi’ Now Killing Nigerians – Health Minister


A man arranges sticks of meat on a mud platform for roasting in the ancient city of Kano 19 April, 2007. Roasted meat on sticks popularly known as \'Suya\' is a common delicacy in northern Nigeria. AFP PHOTO PIUS UTOMI EKPEI (Photo credit should read PIUS UTOMI EKPEI/AFP/Getty Images)


Minister of Health, Prof Isaac Adewole, has lamented the rate of death in Nigeria following consumption of unhealthy meals such as ‘suya, kilisi, isi-ewu, ngwo-ngwo, among others’.


Adewole made this known while presenting a keynote address in Lagos, during the First Annual Black Tie Gala event organised by the Tristate Heart Foundation (THF), to raise N500 million in support of cardiovascular care in Nigeria.


He said, “Sadly, there is widespread low consumption of proteins, fruits and vegetables and increasing patronage of fast food outlets by the population. There is also large promotion of sweetened products such as carbonated drinks, pastries, candies and other refined sugars, while excessive intake of salt is promoted by food additives such as monosodium glutamate common in delicacies such as suya, kilishi, isi-ewu, ngwo-ngwo, among others.


“I can say without fear of contradiction that at least five out of 10 adults seated here tonight have elevated blood pressure and more than half of these are not aware of their situation.


“This is frightening because the dire consequence of neglected hypertension is stroke without warning. Unless we take drastic and sustained actions, we will keep counting losses”.



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