6 Reasons Why Morning Walks Are Important For Health


The morning walks stretches your mind and soul. It energizes you, awakens you and makes your mind to fully relax. With the change of mind your mood will change and you experience a physical as well as
a spiritual upliftment.



#1. Gives Better Sleep:
The morning walks gives you a better sleep at the night. Because, walking tires the body out and therefore the sleep comes easily when you are lying on the bed at night. In fact, the morning walk helps to regulate your sleep cycle as you woke up at the same time every day. The brain scan study proved that doing exercise early in morning helps a man to spend almost 75% more time in deep sleep, in contrast to exercise done later in the day.



#2. Reduce Cholesterol and risk of Heart Attack:
The cholesterol is not only present in the blood but also in the tissues. It is transported to the blood by lipoproteins. The lipoproteins are two types:
High density Lipoprotein (HDLs)
Low density Lipoprotein (LDLs)
The HDLs are usually called good cholesterol and LDLs are called bad cholesterol. If the HDLs are high in our body then we have only a lower risk of heart attack. Regular walking will help to increase the level of HDLs in your blood. It will give strength to both your heart and lungs. Brisk walking on every early morning helps to burn upto 200 calories and reduces the body fat. Further, it helps to reduce the anxiety, depression and stress level and gives you full relaxation.



#3. Cuts the risk of Diabetes and Hypertension:
A study proved that the regular walking especially at the morning time helps to improves the BMI (Body Mass Index) rate for 1% and maintains the blood pressure levels in the diabetic patients. The muscle movement allows them to utilize more glucose by the muscle cells. Burning of glucose cells results in utilization of insulin. This in turn improves the blood sugar levels. The morning walk is not only helpful for diabetic patients but also for non-diabetic patients. It prevent them from the diabetes. Just 20-30 minutes walk on every day will give a better result on hypertension. So, two keep these two diseases away from you walk every day.


#4. Improves brainpower:
If you walk daily at the morning then definitely you will stay alert throughout the day. Because the morning walk energizes your mind along with the body. As said already, the morning walk improves the blood circulation; due to that you will get more oxygen to your brain. This allows you to get better powers of recollection and improves mental faculties.



#5. Reduce the risk of cancer:
A study conducted by the National Cancer Institute proved that the regular 1 hour walking at the morning will reduce the risk of br*ast cancer. Another study confirmed that, the walking improves the br*ast cancer survival rates. The Fast paced walks reduce the risk of colon cancer by ensuring that carcinogens do not stay in prolonged contact with the intestinal lining of the body. The moderate walk reduces the risk of endometrial cancer. Ultimately it is clear that, the morning walks helps to reduce the risk of cancer.


#6. Reduce Obesity and Gives Muscular Strength:
As everyone know that the walking helps to reduce the weight; especially the morning walk helps to improve the metabolism of the body. At morning the glucose level of the body is low helps to reduce the fat. Also the daily walk improve the muscular strength in the body by keeping the muscles in regular use. The muscles which benefit the most by walking is; arms, glutens, hamstrings and legs.



It helps to reduce the muscles in thighs, forearms, legs and buttocks. The walking gives a good and attractive shape to your legs and also a total body. The regular walking not only helps to build the muscles but also helps to be enthusiastic. If you walk regularly you will never feel tired. So, if you don’t want to do any vigorous exercise but still want to stay fit, going for a morning walk is a best alternative.


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