WTF! These Two Side Chicks Decide To Get Married After They Dated The Same Man Who Cheated On Them (PHOTOS)


Two side chicks that got their hearts broken after finding out they have been played by the same married man have come together to start a new life.

The young ladies reportedly have babies for the man and were disturbed when they discovered he has a wife. As a way of turning their hatred into something positive, the ladies decided to come together to raise their children.

o do this, the ladies set up a GoFundMe account for their wedding which has been fixed for February 12, 2018. The young ladies started dating in 2014 after they discovered the married man was playing them.

One of them has a baby boy for him while the other has a girl. Their plan is to start a TV show that would make people understand their complicated story better.

Read the story shared by one of the ladies on GoFundMe as they solicit for $10k for their wedding in February 2018.


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