Why Nigerians Are The Reasons The Likes Of Davido And Olamide Sing Trash



It is interested to know that Nigerians now completely prefer to listen and dance to #Nigerian music.

Before the arrival of the likes of Prime Time Jams, STV, Rhythm FM and the other children of the radio world, Nigerians listened and danced to only American #songs. Nobody cared about your studio hustle.

The electronic media gradually forced Nigerian #music down on us like a mother gently forces a shirt through the big head of her child. Today, we don’t even remember how we fell in love with Nigerian music.

How can you enjoy yourself in a party where the only songs being played by the DJ are American? I don’t about you , I will just plug my earphones on and turn on my Naija playlist and nod to songs by 2face Idibia,

Many Nigerians have said that the Nigerian music sector lacks contents. They blame the musicians for saying rubbish on good beats.

For instance, the contents on the songs of the likes of Davido and #Olamide are either meaningless or ‘bombom’ and cash oriented.

The fact that Davido is making millions for saying things like, ‘ I get many kele… many want my car but their money no reach’ is ludicrous!

The problem is, these kinds of Singers are the ones excelling in Nigeria.

They are the ones smiling to the banks; they are the ones getting all the product endorsements! Davido just signed a two-year endorsement deal with Pepsi.

How many shows has Timi Dakolo gotten after making so much sense?

How many #endorsement deals has #Dare Art Alade been given?

The endorsement deals fly into the arms of the artistes singing songs that do nothing but corrupt even a prostitute.

Now my point. The Nigerian musicians are real businessmen! They are doing what every businessman would do -supply a demand!

The Nigerian market loves the contents, it is going crazy with these meaningless dance tracks.

It is only a mad man who would see an opportunity to legitimately make millions and refuse to jump into it.

The Nigerian music consumers are to blame for the low content quality the artists churn out on a daily basis.

We are hypocritical in this part of the world, we say something else and do the exact opposite.

If the artiste find out that no one is buying their junks, they will take time to create quality contents.

They will never do that if we continue to give their shows sold out status and make them most downloaded artists of the month.

Vote them as the winners of the album and artist of the year awards. If we continue this way then we might as well tell good music to rest in peace!

The only assurance the likes of 2face Idibia , Timi Dakolo, Dare Art Alade have is the longevity power their works have.

The songs will out live them for sure. The likes of Olamide and Davido can’t leave a valuable catalogue for their descendants as inheritance because nobody would be buying any poo from them in 50 years.


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