WAR! Malia Obama vs Zahra Buhari: Who is More Beautiful? (photos)



Maybe it’s because they come from powerful families and power is beautiful when gauged with a kind of eye or maybe they are just drop dead gorgeous and its hard to get enough of their beauty. We choose the latter. 

When you have two different families ruling the White house and Aso villa with absolutely beautiful daughters, you know we can’t shut up about it. Power is one thing and beauty is another, but together we have, possibly the most wanted young women in the history of…well, let’s say politics.

I will tell you what’s much harder than getting home before your curfew; it’s picking which one of these young ladies wears the crown for the most beautiful first daughter. Bear in mind, they are both gorgeous, well-educated, stylish, young and bright, single, smart, empathetic, fun-loving, photogenic, did we already say gorgeous? Good luck picking the winner!



Malia Obama is the first daughter of the 44th president of the United States., Barrack Obama. She was born in the year, 1998 making her 18 years old. She attended Sidwell Friends school, a private school during her younger years. Upon graduation, she took a gap year and moved on to attend the prestigious, Havard University.

Zahra Buhari is one of the daughters of President Buhari, she is a recent graduate of medical microbiology from the University of Surrey in England and currently, the B.rand ambassador of Sickle Cell Aid Foundation (SCAF).

Check out the beauties.

1. Unlooking 


Malia obama

Malia Ann Obama poses not looking at the camera. Her hair looks gorgeous and she looks just flawless.


2. Killer side view


Side view of Zahra Buhari

Zahra Buhari has beauty running deep through her veins. Her side view is perfect. The bright colours compliment her skin tone and a lady in pearls is an ultimate beauty.


3. Pretty damsel


Pretty Malia Obama

There’s a always something appealing about a smiling young lady and Malia is just beautiful here.


4. Come hither look


Zahra Buhari

That look says a lot of things and pretty is at the top of that list.

5. Trio


Malia Obama x 3

Never seen a more stunning trio.



6. Trio


Zahra Buhari

Never seen a more dazzling trio.


7. Natural beauty


natural malia obama

Completely natural and still beautiful.



8. Perfection


Zahra Buhari

Flawlessness. Probably the most beautiful set of lips you’ve ever seen.


9. Michelle and Malia Obama, Aisha and Zahra Buhari


Zahra, Aisha, Malia, Michelle

They got it from their mamas!

Vote who do you think is more beautiful?


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