Update On P-Square’s Split;Four(4) Things You Should Know About Their Recent Break-Up


The recent split between music duo,Peter and Paul Okoye should not be one that  will leave you worried.


The two have reigned in the music industry for more than a decade and the end of their reign as a singing duo should not bother you for the following reasons;

1.The first thing that comes to mind is,this guys are matured millionaires and when i say matured millionaires, i mean ever part of it cause they’ve got enough money to survive even if they stop singing.


They both have houses in Park view estate,Ikoyi,another in Omole estate and another in the United States amongst various automobiles.They probably have money stacked somewhere,it not like they will suffer after they split.

2.Whatever happens and i repeat whatever happens,the same blood is still flowing within their veins.They are still a family and because they have split does not mean they will stop being brothers.


3.They have fought several times in the past and they still settled the scores so this should be no surprise.Why are we now worrying ourselves??


4.Both of them are talented enough to pursue separate careers.If they can sing well individually,good for them,if not,there are more than a hundred possibilities.


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